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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Great Dream

I have just discovered the Action for Happiness' website. Reading its pages has to bring a smile to anyone's face. However the page that caught my attention is labelled 10 Keys and on it are set out ten keys to happiness.

I can't believe that since retiring I have been on a journey of self discovery in which I have succeeded in identifying almost all those aspects of life; instead all I needed to have done was to read this website! Still now that I have found it, I am delighted to note that I have been on the right track all along, no wonder retirement is proceeding so happily!

The Action for Happiness whose patron is the Dalai Lama has an impressive Board of Directors committed to helping people take practical steps for a happier and more caring world. In so doing, and using Great Dream as an acronym, we learn from them that:

 Giving or doing things for others makes us feel better too. I sense more commitment to my voluntary causes, family and friends coming on already.

 Relating or connecting with people. Oh yes, I'll take any excuse to socialise!

 Exercising or taking care of your body which sounds like another excuse to fit in an extra trip to the gym or fitness class with more opportunity to socialise when doing so too.

 Appreciating by noticing the world around you; a favourite theme of mine now when I am out and about.

 Trying out or learning new things. You don't really want a list of all the Future Learn courses I have now completed do you?

 Direction or having goals to look forward to. I wonder if my bucket lists count? Ticking off lists certainly  makes me happy!

 Resilience or finding ways to bounce back. Inbuilt stoicism, it's all part of the British psyche I'm sure; maybe it's attributable to all that rain.

 Emotion or taking a positive approach. Why it was only last week I was blogging about positivity!

 Acceptance essentially of yourself and being comfortable with who you are. Sometimes a difficult one and frequently the borderline between happiness and depression. As you edge into retirement, however, age, wisdom and most of all confidence should see you okay on this score.

 Meaning or being part of something bigger. That old chestnut, the meaning of life or how to be happy and for which we come full-circle. However and if anyone needs any ideas I can commend volunteering with Save the Children.

As the Dalai Lama is quoted as saying, "Happiness is not something that is ready made. It comes from your own actions."

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