Planet Retirement can sometimes be a bewildering place and with a scarcity of UK retirement blogs out there (other than those proffering financial advice) I thought I'd keep my own.

Please visit from time to time and do add your comments. Popular posts and those highlighting my journey are specifically pinpointed on the right hand side together with a list of topics covered. Alternatively you may prefer to look at the Summary or the Tips from Wisdom Acquired or even our Have Visited List with its retirement atlas and dip in and out of the blog using the links given.


Prior to retirement my fears were that:
  • I may miss work
  • Our financial planning may be inadequate
  • I shall stagnate or grow old before my time
  • I could be lonely and spend too much time with just Mister E
  • I might drown if I agree to Mister E's dream of an Atlantic crossing in a small yacht

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