Get Set


I know I've reminisced on this blog before about preparing to leave for holiday in my previous life when it involved a concerted effort of long working days to clear my desk, frequently culminating with an early morning visit to the office on the day of departure. Perhaps there's something about setting off on holiday, stressed out and adrenalin pumping, because last weekend my actions could have been construed as going out of my way to seek to emulate the vibe.

We were heading to the Lake District for one of our regular weekly sojourns and planned to set off at 2pm, giving ample of time to arrive in readiness for a 4-5pm check-in.

Perhaps 2pm felt just a little too relaxing a departure time. Up at 7 am, house cleaned, bag packed, then what?

Make jam, of course! Well I could hardly leave all those ripe plums to waste.

What's more it set beautifully and we set off on time too. I may be retired but it isn't an excuse for failing to squeeze time for productivity. 


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