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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

English Journey

I recently read   English Journey by JB Priestley in which he documents his travels around England in 1933, writing in particular about the manner in which the inhabitants of the different area of the country entertain themselves as well as live and work. Surprisingly and despite the passage of time, many of the places described were clearly recognisable to me from the author's descriptions. Whether he would consider them unchanged were he able to re-visit today, is another matter.

Seeing more of my own country is of course a must for my retirement. Somehow, however, I doubt if I shall follow in Priestley's footsteps. He appears to enjoy the hospitality of the industrialised urban centres yet somewhat too hastily for me dismisses Cathedral cities, regretting that York, which is one of my own more favoured haunts, "But for all its Eboracum airs, its walls, its Minster York has never yet enchanted" him.

Whilst there are a number of major destinations on my bucket list of cities to visit, for me it is also the wide open and green spaces of the rural landscape that attract, particularly our National Parks. I want to explore more of our deserted coastline and our historic monuments. 

In doing so, could I write a book to rival that of Priestley? Sadly, I doubt it.

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