A Full Service

It's not just the Spring Cleaning that I embrace in February and March because, much as I dislike routine, the end of winter and beginning of spring have become a time to put other aspects of our house in order. So, it's a period for sorting ourselves administratively with meetings with our financial adviser and personal banker; reviewing and renewing insurance policies, changing insurer as necessary; checking tariffs and switching energy suppliers. In fact this year we have surpassed ourselves by finally updating our wills too! 

Energised by the thought of springtime and rebirth, it's also become a time for medical checks, new spectacles, and a dental check-up. When making my appointment with the optician, I was given the option of a hearing test; I declined but no doubt, in years to come, that too will find its way into my retirement body scan.

It's not simply a phase for a human body overhaul either, as we've subjected our cars to annual services and paid the vehicle taxes for another year too.

Now we are moving into the exciting era of decorating and make-overs. Mister E is over-excelling here; he has ripped out our ensuite bathroom, removing tiles and partition walls as well as the sanitary fittings. It takes me back to when we built the house twenty years ago: all bare plaster and floorboards. Fingers crossed we can keep his enthusiasm going. I'd hate to think the annual primeval instinct dies before the nest is completed and the eggs crack.



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