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A Tick List

I came across  this blog post  by Bob Lowry at A Satisfying Retirement - Leads to a Satisfying Life a couple of days ago. I have to say it was a relief reading it, and being able to tick off the whole check-list bar one (fortunately I do not as yet have anyone dependent upon me for care). It certainly made me feel that my decision to retire is validated and even better that I am not the only person to experience the factors that have been driving me to make what is, after all, a momentous decision.

That Sunday Night Feeling

I'm not sure how one describes the Sunday night blues. After a weekend of relaxation and fun with the family there's always something that's a bit depressing about Sunday evening. I know from speaking to colleagues that it's not confined to my home or me. Over the years I have of course become more adept at coping with it although I have never actually banished the emotional low altogether. Of course, I am hoping retirement holds the key. If I don't have to work on a Monday or indeed any other day, then presumably Sunday and every evening will feel like Friday, or is that hoping for too much?

Inspired to Paint

Yesterday's trip out went well and although unfortunately the greater part of the exhibition closed ten days ago, there was still a gallery on the upper floor devoted to a selection of William Tillyer's paintings from the 1970's. I always love the insight you get from viewing pictures by a single artist that spans decades.  Inevitably I feel inspired to take up painting again; another activity to add to that retirement bucket list. Trouble is that, since my children arrived, the only brushes I get to use are generally for sweeping the floor! Now finally I can make the time to change that.

Do I Need to be Docile?

Today is my day off; the weekday that I don't work. It's been a feature of my life since moving from being self-employed in partnership with others to taking up a consultancy with another firm. I'm not tied to any particular day, and therefore arrange it around the rest of my schedule whether in the office or at home, but I do much prefer taking it mid-week rather than tagging it onto a weekend. Wednesday is my favoured day-off as I really love the timetable of: 2 off; 2 on; 1 off; 2 on. Strange to think that soon the pattern will simply be 7 off. I feel excited at the thought but, on the other hand, recognise that even dropping a day a week (and initially it was only half a day) felt strange at first. Worse still I worked late last night to make sure everything was in order, to be able to steer clear of the office today and hopefully to fulfil a  promise to myself not to check my work e-mails on my mobile phone. It's half-term and it looks as though I am goin

End of the Sales

So the January Sales are now well and truly over and the clothes stores appear to be stocking up with Spring outfits. Well Yours Truly almost resisted temptation and her usual quick shopping spree to stock up on blouses for the office and a practical suit for work never materialised. Ever the pragmatist though, I did buy some half-price trousers for travelling in; you know the type: built in UV protection; shower proof; lightweight for warmer climes; mosquito repelling. Yes, of course they’ll come in handy! Help! It’s going to take longer than a few months of planning retirement to ignore sales pitches and marketing ploys.

Drudge or Sludge

Mister E and I both receive regular magazines and circulars from our respective professional bodies. These inevitably include flyers and invitations to various courses aimed at updating our skills and knowledge. I don't lie when I say that one of the joys of retiring is going to be learning for learning's sake and not to collect mandatory cpd points.  I think it is Mister E, however, who may feel the greatest relief. Little wonder when he receives invitations to conferences on topics with titles as inspiring as "Activated Sludge." 

First Signs of Springtime

Finally a pause in the unrelenting rain gave me an opportunity to wander along my garden path today. Having become accustomed to a late start to Spring in recent winters, I was surprised to spot a few crocus bulbs, primulae, periwinkle and even osteospermum in flower. The behaviour of the birds around our feeders is also beginning to alter as they arrive decked in their ever brightening array of feathers. I was particularly struck this morning by a handsome yellowhammer whose bright yellow head ducked and dived amongst the long grasses at the bottom of the hedge, but try as he might, he could not be camouflaged. Unless we have a cold snap, my guess is we are going to see the start of nest building season earlier than ever this year. It's funny too, how a few minutes outside in what seemed like a Springtime scenario affected my own senses too. Mister E and I are saving  for our retirement  anything that seems too long a task and top of the list is, of course, redecorati