Prior to retirement in general terms our plans were:
1. Like most other retirees, to travel and see the world
2. For me to undertake an interior design course
3. To complete a circumnavigation of the British Isles
4. To continue to volunteer, currently in my case as a school governor and almshouse trustee
5. To spend more time as a couple and also with family
6. To investigate still further our family tree, visiting many of the places inhabited by our ancestors
7. To remain physically active and seek to improve fitness levels by swimming, walking and in the gym
8. To declutter and give our home a complete make-over
9. To finally embark on some of the design/landscape projects we have in mind for the garden
10. To keep our minds active and potentially learn more foreign languages to assist on our travels
11. To enjoy the arts: reading more, visiting the latest art gallery and museum exhibitions and taking in the cinema and theatre
12. To actively seek out the opportunity for "adventures"
13. To see friends more often, making up for years of neglect and as they retire too, we shall maybe even become "ladies who lunch"
14. To make time for writing, especially my blogs
15. To have occasions when we shall simply revel in doing nothing at all or enjoying the very simple pleasures of life, like watching the birds on the garden feeders or admiring the flowers in the borders

In 2017 my New Year's Resolutions were:

1. Make someone smile every day
2. Ensure I have a good daily laugh too
3. Stand up for what I believe in and endeavour to engage others to fight the cause
4. Use less, live simply and shop locally wherever possible
5. Think globally and be aware of the impact of my footprints on the planet and the suffering of all those in war zones or denied the liberties that I enjoy, doing what I can to raise awareness and improve outcomes.

Perhaps retirement is making me lazy or I'm getting to enjoy the life I am carving out, but in 2018 I determined to  continue with those resolutions and also set myself 3 challenges for my big birthday year:
1. Read 60 books
2. Go swimming 60 times
3. Visit 60 unfamiliar places  

The satisfaction that I derived from my challenges in 2018, made me set another for myself in 2019, namely to visit 52 art exhibitions equal to one for every week of the year.


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