Important Dates

After 6 years of higher education and training, I began my professional career working my way up to  become an owner manager in my own business in partnership with others

I married Mister E

1991 onwards
I had 2 children, took very limited periods of maternity leave, and acquired a  menagerie of guinea pigs and hamsters, 

I retired from my business and took up a consultancy arrangement with another firm, reducing my hours with the aim of retiring once my youngest ceased secondary education

December 2013
I decided to aim for a retirement date of 30th June 2014

28 March 2014
I forwarded my notice to Head Office, expiring at close of business on 30th June

2 May 2014
Mister E retired

17 June 2014
My retirement party, organised by the team I work with

18 June 2014
My last day at work as a result of accrued holiday

30 June 2014
My official retirement date


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