So, in my exploration of retirement have I found the secret to the perfection of the twilight years or even the meaning of life itself? Perhaps not, or at least not so far. 

What I have embarked on is a period of self-discovery and experimentation which in turn has led to a quest for happiness and a better understanding of how it is earned. Darn, there's so much now that I wish I had known or worked out decades ago but with retirement comes time and with age there's wisdom. Best of all, however, there's an amazing site that I do refer to on a number of occasions on this blog called Action for Happiness which does a great job at helping people unravel the mystery of fulfilment.

It condenses the path to happier living through 10 Keys:

 My retirement seems to have reflected an ongoing analysis of those keys, potentially by accident rather than intent. In fact the first five encompass the ongoing swirl of activity that I often describe in this blog and which were particularly evident to myself in the first 5 years of retirement when I often felt I was flitting from one activity to another in my excitement and determination to live life to the full.

What I was missing, or perhaps more accurately found harder at that point, were the related inner responses described in the second set of five keys.  They remain a work in progress but I am now much more conscious of their role in my life and the need to constantly incorporate them. I'd like to think my blog goes some way to describing how they fit into my day to day experiences and bring positivity to my retired life.


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