A Retirement Project

Mister E and I are presently involved in the restoration of  a forty year old Contessa 32. Sailing has been part of Mister E's life since he was a young boy and after deciding to sell the X37 which had served us as a family cruiser for ten years, he was itching for something smaller that he could sail solo if need be. I made the mistake of letting him out alone one day and when he returned he had committed us, subject to survey, to the acquisition of the new lady in his life. If there is any moral to this tale it is a simple one: never let your husband go shopping alone!

That was back in  April 2018, the purchase was completed the following month and since then we have been heavily involved in working on her. As anyone who has ever restored anything will vouch for, there is always more effort necessary than you anticipate.

In our case, we (albeit I use that term loosely) have chosen to make the restoration doubly difficult by living what amounts to a six hour drive away.

The blog entries below tell the story of what is likely to be an ongoing saga for many years to come:


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