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A Long Week of Bewilderment

    It's been a long, long week or at least that's how it feels to me.  It really is hard to believe that it was only on Monday that Prime Minister Johnson addressed the nation in order to explain the road out of lockdown. Of course, it's even harder to explain why his announcement has been followed by media hype and public adulation heralding the end of restrictions. I know I've been inhabiting another planet since retirement but I seriously didn't think I'd forgotten how to speak Earth's lingo. It's either that or some kind of communication error because I'm pretty sure the only concession the Government has made to the current Stay at Home Order to theoretically affect me is that, from 8th March, in addition to being able to exercise in a public space with one other person I can meet them for coffee or a picnic too. If that's getting back to normality, I really have transmorphed into some kind of alien creature. Also it might make a difference

One a Day

  I'm no longer sure if it's a feature of lockdown or of retirement, but, whereas I spent a working life juggling office and family commitments, suddenly one appointment a day seems to fill the diary. Actually having anything in the diary during lockdown is a highlight in itself, of course, but when you were always accustomed to fitting a visit to the dentist in and around office hours it is vaguely disheartening to realise that it might be all you achieve in daylight hours at the moment. To be honest I've been on a bit of a roll following the trip out to Leyburn on Saturday for that first dose of vaccine. We were strangely fatigued on Sunday, a not uncommon side-effect apparently, but Monday morning saw me out on the road bright and early. I'd booked the car in for its annual service and got it there just as the garage was opening its doors for business. I decided to wear an FP2 mask for the occasion but it did make communicating with the receptionist a trifle difficul

Not Only But Also

  Today was our big coronavirus vaccination day and it really was a fortuitous decision to have winter tyres on my car, although the first 100 metres uphill from our drive is always the worst part of the journey. Indeed crossing Barden Moor before dropping down into Leyburn was even rather pretty, despite gusty winds blowing snow onto the road in front of us. The vaccination process itself was quick, straight forward and well-organised. We were early but told to go in regardless and there was no queue, unless a slight wait at the door to the room where three of our local doctors were administering the inoculations counts. Indeed the longest part of the process seemed to be the questions asked of us followed by a brief explanation of the whys and wherefores, after which we were asked if we still wanted to proceed. Well it would have taken more than a rehearsed speech to put us off, especially after driving 20 miles to get there. Mind it was only afterwards we were handed an explanatory

Snowy Days

  Wrapped in several layers we ventured out for a  two and a half mile walk today. Not so far, but across crisp snow it felt much further. Purportedly the coldest day we've had in over ten years, it was certainly crunchy underfoot with only our steps breaking the silence of what was a beautiful day.  I didn't take my camera but here's one I took earlier, as they say, although in this case it was three years ago when we did the same walk across to the castle in similar conditions albeit a touch warmer. We were impressed to see tyre prints from a solitary bicycle  in the snow; cycling in those conditions must have taken some doing. Mind yesterday, we spotted one of our more elderly residents cross country skiing down the village main street. I certainly wasn't tempted to get my old carving skis out of the garage to join him, nor indeed the little plastic bum-board that the eldest used to play on. I'm using Yorkshire snow as my excuse. It's always too wet, too icy

Hair and There

  Well here we are romping through February and I'm yet to post a blog entry this month, until now that is. I'd love to say that my oversight  is attributable to all the exciting things we have been up to but, as we all know, life just isn't like that at present. However, whilst it can be a struggle on occasions, I continue to work on remaining positive. I always find it is easier when there are new things to see and do. Unfortunately they are a little thin on the ground when you are confined to your home most of the time. After all, it's not as though I'm about to discover a new room tucked away in the upper recesses of the house or even an unexplored footpath or bridleway outside. Nonetheless, Mister E obliged my quest for adventure and novel experiences by investing in a set of hair clippers recently. He's an incredibly brave man, or perhaps a foolish and desperate one. Whatever the reason, he handed them to me and calmly sat still whilst I undertook a practi