Boots and Balance

Back in November I discovered that my long-standing and comfortable hiking boots had sadly come to the end of their days, devoid of support and grip with soles hanging half off too. Today was the day I started to break in their replacements. I swear my ankles belong to that princess who could feel a pea under the mattress, or perhaps I just don’t like change. 

Needless to say we got off to a bad start together, when I lost my balance slipping on a wet rock and landed on my back only minutes after setting off. Talk about a confidence wrecker for somebody who’s still in the process of rehabilitation from a tear to the meniscus. At least the ground was soft, so no harm done apart from the astonishment at how easy it can be to fall over. 

Thankfully, I don’t give in easily and numerous adjustments to the laces saw me complete a 3 mile circuit with only a slight rubbing at the front of my right ankle. The weather was reasonably mild, the sky was blue, my knee behaved itself and the inside of the boots kept my feet warm and cosy. 

All being well, I’m going to try them out again tomorrow, maybe with different foot beds though to see if that helps change the position of the boot where it rubbed. I suppose it’s only now, walking in replacements, that I fully understand why I got every mile of wear out of the old pair. In fact I’d had them so long that I’ve been telling myself that assuming today’s boots work out as comfortable, they might just outlast my dodgy knee. 

Nothing like a double dose of optimism even if it is countered by a helping of macabre pessimism. It’s just for balance of course, and, disregarding comfort, that’s where it seems the real question mark might hover over the new pair.


Jean said…
Good luck with the new boots!
I dread new anything and hang on to old clothes and shoes long after they should have been binned. (In that respect, and many others, I find myself gradually turning into my mother!)
Caree Risover said…
Comfort trumps in my wardrobe, until it begins to smell or fall to bits!
Jeanette Lewis said…
New boots are always a challenge. I've been avoiding new winter boots despite the mid-winter temperatures in Ontario. I've added a layer of wool socks but I know the day for a changeover is coming!
Caree Risover said…
I love a challenge but you are so right Jeanette, new boots are a challenge I’d rather avoid.
Treaders said…
I struggle with hiking boots too (I guess it just depends where I want the blister). Or maybe I'm just too lazy to break the expensive ones in! Glad you didn't help yourself in that fall though - that could have been nasty!
Caree Risover said…
I guess a pair of boots that never slip and fit like gloves straight off the shelf is a rare phenomenon.
Jennyff said…
Breaking in new boots is like breaking in a new bike saddle, painful. I haven't worn boots for years but was persuaded recently to buy a pair of sturdy walking shoes, half trainer half boot. I took them out for a spin a few weeks ago and despite a robust looking sole they were like skates, I abandoned my planned route which involved a steepish descent and haven't worn them since. Hope you make friends with yours soon, falling over is never fun as we get older its downright dangerous.
Caree Risover said…
Yes, making friends with walking boots is trickier than in the junior school playground.
Marksgran said…
New boots and new shoes, in fact even new slippers lol. I hate them all. I love it when they are bedded in and comfy but it takes a while! Good luck! :D x
Caree Risover said…
You know I’ve always suffered from foot envy, watching other people stride into the hills rather than hobble or round town in elegant style instead of tottering.. Now at last I know I am not alone.

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