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Saturday, 28 June 2014

A Disney Wedding

Months of planning concluded today with a wonderful wedding to which Mister E and I were invited. Church ceremony then wedding breakfast (something of a misnomer when it was timed for late afternoon and comprised of a delicious roast dinner); we had been there 6 hours before I realised it! It must be an age thing though as we slunk away before the young crowd moved in for the evening disco.

It's always good to see various parts of families meeting and socialising and of course there are those distant relatives that you only ever see on such occasions but whose fame and antics get talked about forever after.

On this occasion the star guests (apart from the bride and groom) had to be Donald Duck and Pluto. Apparently they had frightened the poor bride so much that, on a trip to Disneyland Florida as a child, she had taken refuge under the table. Nevertheless her dear father organised a repeat of the occasion and as Donald and Goofy entered all the guests stood up and twirled their napkins above their heads in time to the music that blared down from the castle's speakers. I am pleased to report that the bride did not seek to hide under the table today, which was just as well because with her veil and train, any attempt to do so could have ended in catastrophe.

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