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My husband (Mister E) and I have moved from the initial concept through the planning stages to implementation and this site is intended to record the whole process. What I am seeking from retirement is now very different to what I thought I was planning and has gradually developed into a quest for fitness and a desire for simplification, with a transition away from both a highly organised lifestyle and the personality traits reflecting a pedantic professional career. Indeed I recently described myself as "a goofy idiot" who enjoys smiling at sunflowers; a far cry from the pre-retirement professional and an indication of just how far I have travelled.

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

An Opposite Encounter

Yesterday you will recall I had a conversation that resulted in me considering the potential for boredom in retirement, languishing without work or apparent purpose. 

Today, I am pleased to report that I found the flip-side to that conversation when I entered into a discourse with a former client whom I bumped into. Now happily retired, she disclosed that she had just returned from a season in the Alps where she had trained as a ski instructor. She enthusiastically described her exploits since relinquishing her own business. I was inspired and honestly can hardly wait to start my own retirement adventures.


  1. Stumbled on your Blog and encourage you to keep it going.

    I live in the US midwest and work in R&D at a famous biotechnology company and will retire a month from today.

    I feel I have the best possible job but at 68 have decided to persue some of my other interests. Being open minded about the future but somehow doubt I will begin training for the ski patrol in the Alps, like your friend.

    Have been advised to make no firm plans for the first year.

    I will comment on your blog as things unfold.

    1. Good to hear from you Bob. It is quite awesome standing on the edge of such a life changing event. I look forward to hearing about your experiences.