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Monday, 23 March 2015

Elizabeth is Missing

One of the things I love about being retired is that when there is a nip in the air, you can simply curl up on the couch and bury yourself in a good paperback. Today I did just that, reading Emma Healey's debut novel "Elizabeth is Missing," in an afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed it but do wonder whether in the future I ought not to be a little more circumspect about the content of the books I read. 

I am not entirely sure that the tale of an aged lady, suffering from confusion and memory loss, as a result (we assume) of her advancing years, is an appropriate topic in retirement. That said the novel's protagonist who narrates the book in a confused manner, seems on the whole to be more than content in her befuddled state. However, it is a work of fiction. There are also moments when her frustration at the inability of others to understand her, spills over into aggression.

At the moment I much prefer to live in the present rather than contemplate the potential for the enfeebling of my mind in the future.

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