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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Maths Underfoot

There were not many signs of Spring today when Mister E and I did an 8 mile circular walk in the Yorkshire Dales, although at least the gorse was in bloom.  We had sunny spells interrupted by hailstorms, meaning that much of the time I was well huddled inside my coat.

I recall some 11 months ago making a blog entry about walking my way to fitness and am pleased to record that things are definitely moving in the right direction. That said I am sure that, like yesterday, conditions today were probably more conducive to staying in with a good book than tramping along muddy tracks. 

One of the books that I have been dipping in and out of lately is "17 Equations that Changed the World," by Ian Stewart. It is in essence a chronological account of mathematics and its role in the evolving world, where everything seems capable of being traced back to an appropriate mathematical equation.

I wondered, therefore, whether it would be possible to write an equation identifying the formula for optimum fitness by walking. In other words, how much distance must I cover before I reach my full potential? Mister E wouldn't be drawn on it and in the absence of a cold bath and Archimedes, an apple orchard and Isaac Newton, I guess I shall just have to keep on walking. Presumably I shall know when I reach my destination

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