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Friday, 26 June 2015

Travel Fears

The world can be a dangerous place and the headlines today only added to the fear with news of terrorist attacks in France, Kuwait and on tourists in Tunisia. In retirement do you take the view that you want to travel regardless or are you circumspect as to your destination and even to the extent that you stay in your home country? 

Is it better to be cavalier and argue that when you have come as far with your life as retirement, nothing is going to stop you continuing in the way you want? Alternatively is it more sensible to cower at home, examining the world  from the safety of your computer or television set?

What about the risks of flying compared with driving to the supermarket or gym, and is staying at home really safe anyway? 

Ultimately it is not of course what statistics (or the FCO's website) say, it's how you feel about the proposed journey and destination. Unfortunately my professional training taught me to see the pitfalls in everything. However it also meant that I had to chart a common-sense and balanced way around the obstacles, weighing up the risks to advise clients how best to proceed. I can see that such expertise is likely to remain useful for the foreseeable future.


  1. I wouldn't go somewhere in open warfare, but I try not to worry about terror attacks, because--really--who knows where they will be. I would certainly still go to France (though maybe not Tunisia or Kuwait). What happened recently in Charleston, SC brings home the fact that one really isn't absolutely safe anywhere. I really want to see Egypt, but my husband is not on board because of security concerns, so I'm not really sure I will that battle.

  2. I think your comment sums up how I would balance the risk element too, whilst probably siding with your husband in relation to Egypt, though I share your desire to visit it.

  3. I always prefer any other means of travel to flying. I think that is because I have spent so much holiday time on the long haul between London and Sydney that it no longer appeals to me.
    If I am intending to fly, I try not to watch any of those air disaster programs, which nonetheless still have an effect on my nerves until I'm actually on the plane, when I seem to be able to forget about it.
    I recently flew to Bali so I think it fair to say that any thoughts I have about the possibility of sabotage by terrorists are outweighed by the fear of simply being up so high in the air, coupled with the fear of possibly having something planted in my baggage that I don't know about. I do make sure to lock everything but I still feel uneasy sometimes. The super vigilant airport security is something I prefer to avoid.
    I must add though, that the security at our Bali hotel was very good so it felt very safe.
    It is true that we could just as easily be affected by terrorists in our home cities, and also true that most fatal car accidents occur close to home. I won't be staying home, but I won't be going to any warzones either!

  4. And I thought it was just me who suffered from flight jitters for 1-2 weeks beforehand, only to forget them as soon as I am on board.

  5. I used to be a fairly fearless traveller. These days I am getting more fearful and a bit more cautious of when and where I travel. it seems the world has become a scarier place and it isn't just because I'm growing older though that also has it's impacts. There are still more places I'd love to travel and I hope I get a chance.