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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Know Your Berries

Mister E and I took advantage of that window between birds nesting and the start of the shooting season this afternoon to exercise our right to roam. We walked around Black Hambleton on the North Yorkshire Moors starting on the Cleveland Way and then rough footing it across the heather. I have to confess that I was concerned lest I stumbled and fell only to be attacked by a poisonous adder hiding in the undergrowth, but that was truly a disaster of the imagination. Our real life misfortune luckily brought with it a moment of hilarity.

The weather was not brilliant but we still had a reasonable view across towards the Dales over a patchwork of farm fields. Not too hot, not too cold; perfect walking weather and a splendid opportunity to continue walking our way to fitness.

Storm clouds threatened but ultimately passed overhead and we returned to the car, somewhat stiff and tired in sunshine and short sleeves.

As for our misfortune: after walking for miles surrounded by bilberry bushes, I pointed out to Mister E that there did not seem to have been much of a crop of fruit this year. Eager to see for himself, he bent over to examine a bush and proudly exclaimed that there were some ripe berries there just under the top layer of foliage. He grabbed a handful and then with a look of distaste suddenly let the plump black fruit fall to the ground. He had picked up a pile of rabbit droppings!


  1. Oh dear! A lovely walk with a questionable ending!

    1. Let's say we didn't hold hands on our way back to the car!