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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Back to Nature

There have been a variety of studies that demonstrate the beneficial effects of nature and in particular living in or experiencing a rural environment with its trees, plants and other wildlife. In essence getting back to nature is good for you. 

A recent study from Stanford University suggests that strolling through grass and trees is advantageous for our mental health. Another paper from the University of Chicago has even found that the health benefits of the natural environment is such that living in an area with 10 more trees is equivalent to being 7 years younger.

No wonder then that, following on from our outings earlier in the week, Mister E and I yesterday went on an eight mile walk through forest, across fields, uphill and then over moorland. I guess we should have been feeling several years younger when we returned home. In truth, however, and until my hot bath to ease the aches and pains, I felt like a ninety year old! 


  1. Eight miles is a LONG way! I'm sure there are mental health benefits from having plants around and I can absolutely believe that it does make us feel younger.

  2. My knees agree Maddy - 8 miles is a long way!

  3. I do four miles a day, but on the flat. I hadn't walked for several days and then did the four mile walk today with Cindy. Both of us could feel it in our legs. My challenge will be now to do the walk when I don't have Cindy to talk to!

    1. Ah yes I too enjoy tongue wagging - sadly and no matter how long I chat, it just never seems to do much for my fitness levels without the walk as well.