Going Grey

The past few days I've been going grey. The height of fashion some might say or just a sign of the times. The green shade was so last century; it's time for a complete revamp. I'm not of course talking hair colour but rather walls.

Grey, it seems is the new magnolia, fast overtaking all those washed out green and beige (greige) shades and harsh whites as the current neutral backdrop for the home. Now that the days are lengthening and the sun sitting higher in the sky, somewhat predictably in the annual cycle of retirement, I am again overtaken by the nesting instinct and a  need to decorate and declutter. 

Scandi minimalism; I'll get there one day. 



Jane said…
I have used grey in my two bathrooms so far and am tempted to carry it through to other rooms. I have one of those blindingly white kitchens (was thinking of selling at one time) - I think it's called Extreme White! Amazing how many shades of white there are!
Caree Risover said…
I agree on those shades of white - I have just read Farrow & Ball's "How to Decorate" in which it mentions some two dozen shades of its own white paint in addition to all its other neutral shades. I'm not sure I can handle all that choice.

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