Great British Bake Off


July has been and gone but what a warm month; baking you might say. I'm certain it's becoming more challenging to cope with the heat as I age. For someone who has always loved hot, sunny weather, I confess I have found myself repeatedly seeking the shade of indoors and on Friday, when we finally got some heavy rain, considered a secret celebration. Well for once I didn't have to water the garden.

I've had no qualms about exercising in the warmth, taking it as an ideal excuse to make my way to the air conditioned studio where gym classes are held. Desperately needing a reason to cool down every day, I've even taking to doing a weights class! Yes my dumbbells look a little light but I'm chest pressing with the best of them regardless.

Of course lounging in the swimming pool too has been a delight in July's temperatures and in typical GBBO style I've emerged with a soggy (or probably in my case saggy) bottom.

Regrettably it does mean all kinds of chores and routine tasks have fallen by the wayside especially the decorating that I'd envisaged was going to suffer from a paint supply shortage. I needn't have worried; the manufacturer emailed me 2 weeks ago to say normal deliveries were once again resuming and I still haven't lifted a paint brush, imagining a gooey mess that would dry before I could properly apply it to the wall.

Meanwhile we've had more visitors, taking the opportunity to find eateries with outdoor dining rather than submit ourselves to the tropical conditions of our kitchen. Hours have been spent in conversation on our patio often sharing a bottle of wine. I feel as if I've had an extended vacation, perfect Mediterranean climate and none of the hassle of  airline travel, exacerbated at present I understand by additional form filling and testing.


Treaders said…
There's something to be said for giving air travel a miss isn't there - especially now. But you're right too to take advantage of what sounds, for once, as though it has been a lovely British summer. Goodness knows ours has been crap here!
Caree Risover said…
It’s a shame that a good weather vacation with no travel required can’t be experienced on demand.
Marksgran said…
I too have found myself hiding more from the heat of the sun. We've had such a good summer here which I have thoroughly enjoyed, but I like to stay cool too! Outdoor life has a lot to be said for it!
Caree Risover said…
With you all the way, Marksgran.
Jennyff said…
I’ve always loved our hot Italian summers but this year I’m really feeling zapped. By the time I’ve washed the breakfast dishes I need a sit down and cooking dinner is torture. I think my internal thermostat needs repair,:or it’s just worn out.
Caree Risover said…
Strange times indeed when my Italy envy can be quenched by weeks of Yorkshire sunshine!
Jean said…
All that dreadful paperwork and palaver was worth it once we got to France. The weather here has been distinctly more English than French but we're glad of it. We had one hot week in July but the rest of the time we have been able to get on with overdue jobs around the place in much more comfort than we had expected.
Caree Risover said…
Congratulations on navigating the bureaucracy, escaping and taking our invariably unsettled summer with you Jean, and yes it’s the overdue jobs that have certainly been nagging me. Still if N Yorks chooses to go all tropical (haha) I feel obliged to save mine for the rainy season! Rude not to?
Christie Hawkes said…
I can relate, Caree. We've had record-breaking heat in this part of the world as well. You have to go out pretty early in the morning, or hit the swimming pool, if you want to spend any time outdoors. We have had some rain more recently though, and it was heavenly. I'm glad you've been able to enjoy some visitors lately. Take care!
Caree Risover said…
Yes, thundershowers are forecast for tomorrow with a damp weekend to follow and the novelty value alone has put a spring in my step. Fortunately we have no visitors for another 10 days. We wouldn’t want them getting the idea that northern England is invariably cold and miserable.

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