Down the Aisle


(Image by ccipeggy at Pixabay)
No wedding march as I ventured down the aisle this morning. Instead I was following directions: straight ahead past the cornflakes and weetabix. Trouble was that aisle was busy, so in my case it was a left turn after the canned tuna and baked beans.

The lengths some of us will go because, regardless of Storm Arwen, I was determined to get there. It wasn't an easy journey either with 2 fallen trees across the long lane that leads from the village to the main road and then, after leaving my car at my mother's home, a walk of over two thirds of a mile into horizontal sleet, the wind gusting around me. 

Trying to be positive, it was a fantastic opportunity to put all my foul weather gear to the test and at least on the return leg the wind was with me.

And the reason for putting myself at the mercy of the elements and a Saturday morning at the local superstore? Well it wasn't to buy coco pops, I can assure you!

No, it seems all those COVID vaccinations must have given me as taste for injections, because this morning was my appointment for a flu jab. It transpired that despite a message from the NHS telling me to contact my GP to make an appointment, our surgery has failed to receive a supply of the under 65's version of the vaccine. Instead, I was directed to Tesco where "every little helps" according to its slogan.

Except, according to the helpful pharmacist there who had the task of inoculating me, it has abundant supplies whilst the doctors' surgeries have been obliged to relinquish theirs to enable the vaccination centres to offer both COVID and flu vaccines at the same time, one in each arm. 

I guess I should be thankful I hadn't tried to book an appointment with my GP for something a little less discreet. With all this outsourcing, imagine a minor op  by the butcher's counter or a mammogram at the deli. At least neither would be as disappointing as a supermarket sweep around the surgery waiting room.

Life really was simple when you knew that a visit to a shop involved no more than filling a basket with groceries.



I'm glad you were able to get the flu shot, but that is odd they made the doctor's offices give their supplies to the other centers.
Caree Risover said…
I guess it makes sense only in the context that normally if you are under 65 and not in a category classed as vulnerable, you aren’t eligible for the flu vaccine from the NHS. This year, because of COVID, all over 50’s are eligible for a free flu jab. Possibly in anticipation of increasing take up, supplies have been switched to the vaccine centres. However, that must have happened only after I’d already attended and received my COVID booster. Meanwhile the pharmacies, including those inside large supermarkets, retain their supplies intact and, of course, continue to offer both their private and NHS services. It still seems odd being able to get a basic medical service at the supermarket when I couldn’t get it at the surgery.
Jeanette Lewis said…
Although it was a bit of a trial to get to Tesco, having a flu shot provides extra protection. These days, we need it! My husband and I are both well over 65 so we got the high-dose flu vaccine at our doctor's office in mid-October. Given that positivity rates for Covid are increasing as people hunker indoors (along with the new variant from Africa), nobody wants to get an infection to make themselves vulnerable.

Be well,
Caree Risover said…
My thoughts entirely - no way was I losing that appointment to the weather!
Treaders said…
Goodness, I'm in awe of your tenacity. Well done you (and I hope your waterproofs really were waterproof)!
Caree Risover said…
They were warm and weatherproof and I was impressed!

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