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My husband (Mister E) and I have moved from the initial concept through the planning stages to implementation and this site is intended to record the whole process. What I am seeking from retirement is now very different to what I thought I was planning and has gradually developed into a quest for fitness and a desire for simplification, with a transition away from both a highly organised lifestyle and the personality traits reflecting a pedantic professional career. Indeed I recently described myself as "a goofy idiot" who enjoys smiling at sunflowers; a far cry from the pre-retirement professional and an indication of just how far I have travelled.

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Inching Closer to Retirement

Well we inched closer to retirement this weekend by arranging a date for that meeting with the financial adviser and also had our broadband updated.

Rural broadband is notoriously slow and recently we've been lucky to manage to receive download speeds of 10mb per second. Fibre optic cabling has, however, finally arrived in the village and we subscribed for an upgrade last week. We were connected on Saturday and are now hitting the dizzy heights of a connection speed of 75mb instead. As Mister E said, "At least we'll be able to use our computers in retirement."

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