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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Losing Track of Time

So the clocks went forward last night or did they? It would be easy to lose track when you are retired. Yesterday I failed to notice any warning in the newspaper and did not listen to the news either, essentially missing any advice about our change to British Summer Time.

It has all been very different to life pre-retirement when there would have been an in-office discussion about this alteration to our daily cycle and perhaps a moan or two at losing a whole hour out of the weekend, with a six month wait before it is made up again in October. There would inevitably also be the Monday morning blues tomorrow when everyone feels tired as the effect on the body clock continues.

In light of the lack of warnings,  when I awoke this morning I had a "what if" moment. What if we were mistaken and the clocks hadn't really changed, would I be late for anything important if I didn't alter my watch or incredibly early if I did?

Now whereas in work, I might have looked pretty stupid turning up at the office an hour late on Monday morning, I reassured myself with the thought that my first real commitment is not until a Trustees' meeting on Wednesday afternoon which gave me ample time to resolve the whole dilemma.

As it is, in this digital age, I didn't have to do much more than glance at my mobile phone over breakfast and, as envisaged, it had miraculously re-set itself overnight. Welcome to an English summer I thought, as I stared at the rain streaming down the windows.


  1. Now you will be moving towards those lovely light evenings, lets hope the rain leaves you alone soon!

    1. What a nice thought - fingers crossed!