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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Old and New

As I indicated last month I have started to rediscover my creative side through colour and a new pocket camera. Unfortunately I have not quite got used to the amount of battery juice the camera uses so it was a little disappointing to arrive at King's Cross in London on Monday and discover that the battery I thought I had only recently charged was completely flat.

Luckily the phone that I struggle to answer calls on, because I invariably become completely muddled as to which way to swipe the screen when it starts to ring, helped me out. So whilst some photographic opportunities had to be overlooked, others were still captured using the phone. 

It's strange but a year ago I would have been much more concerned at making sure my gadgets worked and I knew how to operate them. Now, I am so eager to enjoy my surroundings that I must resort to kicking myself when the tools I am carrying don't function.

On our London trip we enjoyed a visit to the Museum of London which sets out in chronological order the history of London from pre-Neanderthal times to the present; a complete nexus between old and new over two floors of exhibits.

I find shape and colour mesmerising and as a result could not resist snapping the Olympic cauldron in the museum. 

Then, as we wandered around the city, the relationship between old and new with the Bridge of Aspiration between the Royal Ballet School and the Royal Opera House was another object to marvel.

Perhaps it is something to do with the stage of transition I am going through but that connection between old and new seems so appealing as, for instance, spotted here looking down Cheapside towards St Mary le Bow.

Nothing, however, can beat the colour of early Spring flowers especially when we still have only snowdrops at home.

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