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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Retired and Still Driving

This week I took delivery of the new car which regular readers will recall I had been waiting for retirement to choose and order.

It may well be  that this will be the last time I make such a purchase before I become so enfeebled that I am unable to negotiate our highways safely as, according to reports of a survey by 1st CENTRAL Car Insurance last month, it is retirees who are most likely to embrace driverless cars (to avoid lack of concentration and also to manoeuvre through rush-hour traffic).

If it is therefore the case that my brain is going to descend into mush so very quickly, I am delighted to currently be in possession and control of both vehicle and senses. Some may of course doubt the latter capacity when I confess that I do have a tendency to give my cars names, but will surely forgive when I tell you that, for reasons which I hope are obvious, this one is called Miss Scarlet.

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