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Thursday, 12 March 2015


This evening I completed my fourth school governor meeting in three days. Had I still been working it is doubtful if I would have been able to attend not only the meetings but also to the preparatory work  for such a tightly squeezed schedule. Little wonder, therefore, that some schools struggle to find governors. 

Looking around those meeting tables this week I realised that a significant number of us are retired and that we are the ones who do now have the time to be able to get into the schools during the day as well as attend and prepare for early evening meetings. Of course, the shame is that there must be many parents who have a vested interest in being on the governing body of their child's school but quite simply do not feel that they have the time, which I guess is why those of us with adult children and no job to go to can play a useful role.

As I meet more and more retired people I am becoming increasingly aware of just how much voluntary work of one kind or another they undertake and how much society is dependent upon them. There's no money to be earned from volunteering, of course, but the rewards come in other ways.

Also, and after three days with meetings, when the last one finished tonight I even felt as though the weekend had arrived early. Now, if I was still working that would certainly be a reward in itself!

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