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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A Rant

Life may be stress free in retirement but that still does not stop me getting angry or being grumpy. Indeed I think I should use this blog a little more often to let off steam, so to speak.

Today my  anger is directed at those councils and their crews who insist on resurfacing roads by a method that seems to involve little more than throwing a pile of chippings all over them. At the same time they erect signs warning of a lack of road markings, risk of skidding and the need to travel at 20 mph.

Now I won't say we weren't given warning that the main road adjacent to the access lanes from our village was to  be resurfaced today, but it is a route that I needed to travel in order to avoid a 5 mile detour on my journey to the gym. Naively I thought it would be okay but, and let me extend my anger still further, I had failed to take into account some of the other road users who would be travelling that road at the same time. That is to say the twerps travelling in the opposite direction at 60 mph or the young man in the car behind me who decided to overtake and then accelerate to 60 mph, all kicking up the newly spread chippings and showering my car as they did so. As you know I only took delivery of the vehicle a few weeks ago, but at least it gave me the opportunity to give some good blasts of the horn which until now I have had little cause to use.

On my return journey  I decided to avoid the offending section of road and make that detour. Guess what, it too had been subjected to the chipping method only a couple of days before and, with lorries trundling down it at over 50 mph, there was no place to hide!

Moreover and whilst I am on my rant, what was with the weather today? That detour gave me a wonderful view of the snow on the hills and temperatures were only a third of what they were last Thursday with a biting wind to boot. It is the end of April isn't it?


  1. We live on a cul-de-sac, and the road that we must enter and leave by is a nightmare. This summer is supposed to bring some solutions - it is clear that the road is being prepped for work. Fingers crossed!

    1. The road you live on? Now that would be a nightmare!