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So 3 days of fitness classes later and I'm still here. Not even a slight twinge of pain as I sit typing. Actually I did wake this morning with discomfort from the obliques on the left side that were put through their paces during a core workout the day before, but an Abs Blast class appears to have sorted those. The endomorphins have been circulating and I feel alive again.

If only I could attribute the elevation of spirit to exercising alone but  this would give a  totally wrong impression. Instead my return to the gym has, of course, also restored the capacity for casual conversation, laughter and interaction with so many people (socially distanced, obviously). Being physically active is something I've tried to maintain during lockdown but coupling it now with the chance to connect with others face to face, takes happiness to a new level.

It's strange though that in discussing our respective situations, the last 15 months seems to have given us all a well needed opportunity to evaluate our well being. We have enjoyed the time we have found for relaxation without the constant pressure we unwittingly place on ourselves to dash from one chore or place to another. Many of my contemporaries, like myself, are now determined to build that feeling into our retirement schedule; yoga may be good but it's not enough is the mantra.

So this week, between classes and after a swim, I have found the time to laze outside in a hot tub with views across the surrounding countryside. I've sweated out toxins (apparently!) in the Steam Room; relaxed in the sauna; embraced Infrared Therapy even if the science supporting its supposed benefits is somewhat dubious. Then, although I can hardly believe it myself, feeling fully calm and reposed, I have sought reinvigoration with a cold shower!

Truly, however, the best bit has been to sleep like a baby with 9 hours of uninterrupted slumber. Long may that continue!


Treaders said…
Isn't starting to get back to normal just a wonderful feeling!!!! I start up again next week and while I'm dreading the heat, it will be nice to get some exercise in to shake off this sluggishness I've had for the past 18 months!
Caree Risover said…
Exercising at home just doesn’t hit the right spot. I understand that instead of working out, household chores and gardening should offer the same rewards, but there’s no socialising doing the ironing is there?
Bob Lowry said…
You make the hassle and soreness of restarting a gym habit sound so enticing! Next time I go I will take your energy with me. I just wish my place had a steam room.
Caree Risover said…
We are strange aren’t we? In this weather the air con at the gym is so enticing, so I raise my temperature with exercise, then I go and sweat in a steam room and sauna with a cold shower in between. Hard to make sense of it, but good for the soul regardless.

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