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Monday, 11 August 2014

Breathe in Deeply and Exhale

There were occasions before I finished work when moments of panic would fleetingly pass over me. Was I ready for such a big change? Could I actually go through with it?

I had another such moment this morning when I reached the pinnacles of retirement and decided to go to a Pilates class. My self doubt, however, related to my own stiff joints and notorious ability to make a fool of myself. Would I burst out laughing or worse still get stuck with a leg behind my ear?

In my previous life, Pilates, with its reputation for elegance, control and focus, was something I thought ladies with spare time and flexible joints went to as an add-on to lunch and retail therapy. Now I too have the spare time, I covet the suppleness that I have allowed office life and injury to deny me.

Well I can only say if you have never tried it, do. It was calm and relaxing; I felt peaceful and I gracefully stretched muscles and limbs that I am sure have not moved in decades.

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