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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Winter Wonderland

When we awoke this morning, the world outside had been transformed by a slight snowfall. A little like not having to leave the house when it is still dark, I revelled in the thought that I didn't have to drive out of the village on untreated roads in the snow and ice to go to work. 

Three hours later though I did venture out for a yoga class. The sky was a brilliant blue and the ice on the lane into my village was only just beginning to thaw. As I drove along, I recalled with a wry smile of  how, for more winters than I care to count, I had been careful when ascending the slope at the beginning of the lane, manoeuvring the left hand bend a quarter of a mile outside the village and finally of trying to bring the car to a halt at the junction with the main road.

Today and for me, setting out much later than would have been the case, there was no problem but, to my dismay and once on the main roads, I passed the scenes of three earlier accidents: a car upside down in a hedge; two cars pushed onto the verge after a collision; a car where the driver had been cut free and rushed to hospital by air-ambulance. 

I do hope that everyone who was involved recovers. On my part it is a great relief not to have to encounter slippery road conditions at peak times with the risk of an oncoming driver losing control of his vehicle.


  1. It is snowing in the US and I snowing in the UK but it is not snowing in Budapest!

  2. I'm sure it will at some point during your stay there, when , of course, we shall all look forward to seeing the pictures

  3. And of course, you were right. It IS snowing in Budapest.