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Friday, 13 February 2015

Variety is the Spice of Life

I have indicated before in this blog how much I am striving to avoid routine in retirement. I can also see how easy it must be to slip into such and to stick to: regular waking and rising times; a scheduled shopping day; a timetable of classes and appointments; a list of household chores; an unvarying weekly television menu; a usual bedtime.

In fact I sometimes feel that I have to work really hard to avoid committing myself to the cycle.

I enjoy my visits to the gym and fitness classes, but deliberately visit at different times and frequently pencil in alternative arrangements at the same times as the classes. Also and to avoid the humdrum of daily life, there is a need for planning; to book tickets for events and performances, trains or flights with or without accommodation. I scour the internet and magazines for details of what is on at my favourite venues and also at some that are unfamiliar to me. I am trying out an assortment of creative activities and endeavour to engage with as many different people and situations as possible. I get up and go to bed when my body tells me to do so and not the wall clock.

It is exciting but certainly a more difficult option to taking life as it comes. However, were I to be waiting for someone else to bring the experiences to me, they might never happen. In retirement as in any other phase of life, we are in control of our own destiny but, and perhaps it is because we appreciate our time so much more now when compared to all those hours devoted to the work ethic, Mister E and I are acutely aware of our desire to extract a dose of daily fulfilment rather than tedious contentment. Maybe there will be time for the boredom in another decade or two.

However, I must surely never get to the point where I look at the food on my plate and think:"It's curry, it must be Thursday."

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