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Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Finishing Line

Yes, 30 days later and I have survived the terrors of the #minsgame. No cheating and in all I calculate that I have thrown out 496 objects. So how does it feel? Has my life improved as a result and do I feel unburdened?

Well I certainly have space on shelves, in cupboards, wardrobes and drawers where previously there was none. I have also totally shocked and shamed myself  by uncovering items that I could hardly believe I hadn't actually flung years ago, like the almost obsolete video tapes which I jettisoned today. I confess, however, that I do still have a collection of work suits albeit reduced in number! 

As I look around now,  I know that there is still a long way to go before I achieve that minimalist look and the benefits of simplicity that I am seeking.

Nonetheless, after a calendar month, I have changed my attitude to hanging onto possessions simply because I feel they might come in useful even when I have no obvious current use for them. Going forward, I know that the ties have been loosened and that it should be easier to de-junk as we move on to decorating each room. If not, then I guess I'll have to start playing all over again.


  1. Careful with the VHS videos. Some films are now collectors items.

  2. Oh dear, were I to start to think that maybe I ought to be hanging onto my junk just in case it turns out to be valuable in the future, you would be leading me astray already.

  3. We are going to buy a condominium and sell our house. So I will minimizing with true focus when I get back to Louisville.