If it's Wednesday, Where Am I?

 I don't know how everyone else manages but there are occasions when I just find retirement so exhausting. Take travel for instance: following the trip to Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland we had a 2 night sojourn before making a 6 hour dash by road up to Oban to prepare the retirement project for lifting-out ready for winter onshore. 

We followed two nights there with a long drive home for a pit stop before setting off next morning to explore parts of Yorkshire that we are less familiar with, staying over in Ilkley and then venturing to Saltaire the next day.

The Rivers Wharfe and Aire may not be quite up to David Livingstone standards but exploration and discovery enliven even when they are just round the corner, so to speak. Salts Mill and the village surrounding it were particularly fascinating and lived up to their designation by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

Visiting so many places in such a short period of time, however, might get the blood and energy flowing but it can also make the head spin. Since returning there's been a certain amount of skin pinching taking place; an "If it's Sunday I must surely be home now," kind of daze. Perhaps we didn't need that travel insurance after all when it seems I can feel easily jet-lagged without stepping anywhere near a long haul flight.


Cathy said…
I’ve always felt ‘A feast or a famine’ describes retirement to a tee…..it can be difficult sometimes to strike a happy medium when the timing of outings merge into days/weeks of go-go-go or sitting at home wondering ‘is this all there is’.

Just as a bye the bye - one of your featured ‘popular posts’ (all aboard for pampering) featured your trip on the Northern Belle - I just read another blogger’s current post about their trip from Chester to Cardiff https://disasterfilm.blogspot.com/2022/09/the-welsh-orient-express.html
Take care
Caree Risover said…
Definitely been over indulging at the feast recently! Now I must pop over to explore that blog post you referred to and maybe do some train travel this morning from the armchair. Thanks Cathy.
Christie Hawkes said…
That's a lot of traveling, Caree. I do love a good adventure, but returning home is sweet too. It sounds like you are ready for some relaxing at home time.
Treaders said…
I agree with Cathy - feas!
Caree Risover said…
Not sure Christie, after 2 years with so many restrictions I think I’ve got some lost travel time to make up for
Caree Risover said…
Feast, Treaders? I feel those pounds building round the waistline already!
Jennyff said…
I completely agree, after 3 days in the car to get to,Italy I am a wreck for at least a week. Hope you enjoyed Ilkley, I am longing for the calm and beauty of my lovely little town.
Caree Risover said…
Yes, we really enjoyed our stay and wander around Ilkley having, in my case, only ever driven through it before. For such a small place, the choice of restaurants for dining in the evening was impressive and we were not disappointed when we opted for Piccolino's.

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