Double Deckers



You know that saying? "Just like double decker buses. You wait ages and then two come along at once." Well I've been living the experience, and after waiting a whole twelve months, two arrived together. Mister E and I, however, managed to miss both.

I am, of course, talking nuptials. It's a year now since the eldest and Dilly were married but marked on our calendar for the weekend just gone were the weddings of both a niece and a nephew, the first on Saturday and the other on Sunday. The consecutive scheduling may not have been perfect, especially as we were due to return from holiday only on the Friday afternoon, but hey you only live once and the busier the better!

Except it was not to be. That nasty Coronavirus finally caught both of us simultaneously and we've been stuck at home, coughing and spluttering. I wouldn't care but I'd even had my 4th vaccination only 3 weeks before; invincible, we are clearly not.

When I've devoted time of late on this blog to self analysis, I have referred to the quest for inner calm and acceptance as I move into a deeper phase of retirement. Finally I feel the pursuit could be closing in on its prize because, despite the disappointment of missing two gatherings on each side of the family, there has been no wallowing in misery or self-pity. 

"It is what it is," has become our catch phrase.

A couple of years ago I might have been downbeat and inconsolable. Perhaps acquiescence and submission finally come with age, together with that mythical wisdom I need to look for next? Alternatively, is it just another symptom of a virus that has the capacity to beat and batter you into capitulation? I'll let you know when I stop coughing.

(Image by Philipp Reiner from Pixabay)



Treaders said…
Oh damn, they say timing is everything but that really is bad luck! I hope you're both doing better now though!
Caree Risover said…
Thanks, tested negative this morning and no more than a really bad cold but being conditioned to feel like a social outcast is the worst part

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