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Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Minsgame Continues

Oh dear, throwing away objects is not my strong point. It is not that I even like material possessions but, as I am discovering, clearly suffer from an innate ability to see a potential usefulness in so many defunct items as well as a blind spot when it comes to identifying which well loved and comfortable pieces of clothing are past their sell by dates. I really want to reform because by the same token I relish the idea of a clear home and there is a minimalist in there somewhere trying to get out.

So Day 3 of the #minsgame and, after trying to kid myself that an empty tube of toothpaste might count but finally realising that was cheating, I rearranged my wardrobe, storing away winter layers and bringing out clothes that I had not seen since last year. In the process I resolved to throw away three items. It was hard dear reader, so hard.

In the end I settled on a pair of sandals that remain uncomfortable despite leaving them in the back of the wardrobe for six years presumably hoping that time might  bring about a softer fit. I had even been kidding myself that I had hardly worn them. Examining the state of the heels, soles and inners that cannot possibly be the case and at least, realising that I had at some point used them, made it easier to mark them first for jettisoning.

A favourite clicked and well washed t-shirt followed, albeit only after a period of debate; I had after all worn it last week; perhaps somebody should have commented on what a sight I looked in it and made today's task easier.

Finally and with great sadness I decided to add a long sleeved cotton top to the pile. It has been one of my favourite garments since retirement and I love both the colour and feel of the fabric. Unfortunately I have holed the sleeve and it is now time for it to join  the vast assortment of scraps in my rag bag ready for use as ad hoc dusters and cloths. Or is it? Today we started a new decorating project and what better top to wear? Yes it earned a deserved reprieve!

In its place I added an old (and by old we are talking decades) cardigan to the pile.

I can see the next 27 days of this game are going to be very difficult.


  1. Replies
    1. Day 13 today and I now have the hang of it, albeit I confess to raiding the eldest's wardrobe!

  2. How fortuitous to have had children!