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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Wise Words in a Tweet

I have received wise words in 140 characters from a fellow Tweeter. "Don't over volunteer,"was the impact of the message.

Swapping work for retirement at first leads you to believe that you will suddenly have a spare forty hours a week. Believe me it is not like that. Retirees don't go around saying they "don't know how they ever found the time to go to work,"  for nothing.

However and in that honeymoon phase there can be an incentive to fill the hours freed by not working with other commitments. I was fortunate to have taken on board some advice that I received before retiring which was not to commit to anything new in the first twelve months and am so glad that I listened.

Whilst I have been able to give more time to the voluntary bodies with which I was involved prior to retirement, I have also been able to indulge myself in a variety of ways as no doubt regular readers of this blog will appreciate. I have tried and continue to try new experiences.

Now, after almost 11 months, I think I have a better appreciation of how much time I need for my indulgences whether they be fitness classes, days out with Mister E, travelling, sailing, reading or other hobbies. In addition there are still chores and family to attend to. I now understand the benefits of flexibility and with our plans for the next twelve months rapidly developing, I have a much better understanding of what I can and can't commit to.

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