Keep Fit

Keep Fit Class is invariably a misnomer, frequented as it is by those like me, seeking to get fit first rather than remain fit.

Although I have visited a gym regularly for a number of years, I am well aware that my sedentary lifestyle dictated by office life, together with fatigue, general indolence and an historic sporting injury, have done me no favours in the fitness stakes.

As a result and high on my wish list for retirement is the need to reverse this. After all if I am to be able to enjoy fully a life packed with adventure, then physical fitness is a pre-requisite.

So last week I signed up for a 4 week fitness challenge and despite suffering the ignominy of falling of a wobble-board in front of the rest of an exercise class, I have to admit to feeling some benefits already. Certainly I was aware of an increasing lung capacity as I splashed my way through 40 lengths of the pool yesterday morning. Unfortunately it didn't assist in seeking to do a series of lunges with weights above my head, this evening!

It has, however, been refreshing to try out new high energy classes,although I'm saving Zumba for week 3 and might never get to Spinning.

Most surprising of all, however, I am beginning to overcome my dislike for perspiration; the body's natural mechanism to cool you down; not that it has much effect on the somewhat fetching puce colour that my face loves turning.

Hopefully the effort will be worthwhile, but currently it's 1 week down and 3 to go.


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