The No Birthday

Message reading Happy Birthday
Do birthdays become more or less important as you get older? I've had one this week but on the basis that it's not considered I've turned a significant age have pretty much downplayed it, or so I thought.

Of course, there's always that red-letter day feeling and I treated myself by staying away from the gym (figure that one out, if you can) and avoided anything that could be deemed an obligation rather than a pleasure. Now I know cards aren't a thing anymore especially amongst the younger generations and throughout the day I received plenty of text messages to keep me buoyed, but our postman let me down big time. I think he must be carrying on  the postal workers' industrial action single handedly because we haven't seen him since Monday. That wouldn't normally bother me but this week I realised how much of a birthday tradition opening that array of coloured envelopes is, and missed glowing in the warmth generated by all the good wishes for my unique day.

Recognising my disappointment, however, caused me to consider the momentousness of the anniversary of my birth. In retirement are celebrations de rigeur because we've made it to yet another milestone, or, as we age, are they best forgotten? I confess, and I'm certain it's through surprise rather than dementia, I  do struggle to remember exactly how old I am from time to time. After all, how can I really be that age when I certainly don't feel it? There again, how do you know what any age is meant to feel like?

Do we live it up on the big day because we are grateful for making it this far? Alternatively, should we allow gloom to seep in and remind ourselves that nobody knows what's around the corner and it could be our last? Either approach serves as a reminder to get on and live life to the full, birthday party or no birthday party. 

In any event as significant life events go, acknowledgment of my humble birth date has been pretty much superseded this year by the arrival of our granddaughter and today it was for that notable occasion that we hosted lunch at a nearby restaurant. Imagine my surprise, however, when I was greeted with flowers and other gifts, not to mention a birthday cake with candles at the conclusion of the meal. So much for toasting the baby, and Mister Postman is now officially redundant because even without his help I was showered with birthday cards!

(Image by Dessie_Designs from Pixabay)


Mona McGinnis said…
Birthdays are a reason to stop and celebrate you. Happy Birthday! Congratulations on becoming a grandma.
Treaders said…
Aaahhhh, what a lovely surprise! I know most of us don't care about our birthdays but to think that others thought about you on your special day is just sweet. Happy belated birthday!
Jean said…
With each new birthday I become keenly aware that I get closer to the age that my mother was when she died; young by today's standards, only 74.
Each full year is definitely worth celebrating, another one under the belt! So glad your family came up trumps and made the day.
Caree Risover said…
Thank you for your kind wishes, ladies. I have at least now realised the poignancy of Many Happy Returns.

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