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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Viva La Revolucion

Recent news that there is to be a relaxation of the stand-off that has persisted for over 50 years between the USA and Cuba, was of great interest following Mister E's and my recent visit. We both agreed , however, that it would be sad to see Cuba transform into another westernised nation where market forces and money dictate society's values.

Indeed I rather fancy our own country's adoption of many of Cuba's values, when and come the revolution, I would propose that:

1. Goods be priced according to their social need and white rum in particular be freed of all duty so that everyone can afford to drink it on a daily basis
2. Fields should henceforth be ploughed by oxen and the mass application of toxic pesticides prohibited
3. Every home should have a dog and, if in the country, chickens wandering outside
4. Cars (unless 1950's models) should be replaced by horses and carts
5. The hard shoulder of motorways should be reserved for those horses and carts, as well as hitch hikers. All other vehicles should drive at an appropriate speed to accommodate them
6. No giant advertising boards be displayed other than for the purpose of exalting the aims of the revolution and its leaders and certainly  not for the purpose of marketing goods
7. Only 6 customers to be allowed inside a bank at any one time
8. Shop shelves to be stripped of all  luxury goods and choice
9. All music to be provided by live bands playing tunes everyone can wriggle their hips to
10. Everyone to promenade in the evening in their local park or square, and smile and talk to each other.

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