My Fitness Challenge - How is it Going?

I have just returned from  a week in Langdale, one of our favourite haunts in the Lake District. We stay in a wooden lodge overlooking the Langdale Beck and can walk out onto the fells without even thinking about turning on a car engine.

Previous visits have often seen my forays curtailed as my knees have creaked heading onwards and upwards

This time, however, my fitness challenge demonstrated its rewards when I firstly failed to succumb to breathlessness on the steep trek into the next valley and then secondly the next day "summitted" higher than I have managed for years.

However, upon my return, the icing on the cake was being awarded "Gym Member of the Month." I think it probably has something to do with most other members being away the whole of August or else my face being redder than anyone else's. Whatever the reason, it was humbly received; we all need encouragement and to see proof of the benefit of the steps we are taking.


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